Investment Investment strategy

The MTU SICAR is an enterprise specialised in profit-sharing taking, financial analyses, evaluation of feasibility study, financial raise and regular of records. It responds to the will of public authorities, to develop a modern integrated economic tissue through financial devices which are :

  • Ordinary shares (OS)
  • Shares of prior dividend (SPD)
  • Bonds convertible into shares (BCS)
  • Participating stocks and shares (PS)

The unit displays efforts for prospecting projects which are profitable and eligible to fiscal advantages at the same time; for this fact it signed agreements with other Sicars colleagues to the enterprises’ nurseries, hiving off enterprises…

Enterprises’ nursery :
Enterprises’ nursery is a structure of temporary welcoming proposing premises, aids and services accommodating to particular needs of newly created enterprises or in process of creation.

  • Starting up funds :
    These are funds of improving personal estates aiming at reinforcing the innovating proper funds before the effective starting phase..
    Starting up funds facilitate to the promotors to take out a patent, to accomplish the technical and economic study of the project, to develop the technological process before the marketing phase and finally, to set the financing schemata.
    Starting up funds are conducted by a company legally entitled to conduct portfolios and estate stocks and shares for third party account the company IKDAM

  • Hiving-off: (act n° 2005-56 of 18/07/2005) :
    Through a new mechanism, big enterprises of public and private sector are incited to assist and accompany the promotors in enterprises’ creation.
    The promotor will profit from paid days-off, from taking in charge studies’ fees and other fees of starting up, from the hiving-off enterprise’s background and assistance and from financial contributions for launching the project in trial market.
    The hiving-off enterprise can deduce all the expenses set on the basis of taxes on incomes within the limit of 1% of the net annual turnover with a peak of 30.000 dinars per project. Hiving-off funds were created; they are conducted by Management Company: the « SAGES »