Activity Advantages Main motivations for contribution in SICARs proper funds

Advantages of proper funds financing :

  • Reinforcing permanent funds

  • Increasing indebtedness capacity

  • Appropriation to needs of a Tunisian industrial tissue made around Small Businesse

  • Enterprises subject to a setting programme, which finance their proper funds investments, profit from an aid of 20% from Government.

Specific advantages related to a SICAR intervention :

  • Permanent support, assistance and counse

  • Time-limited profit-sharing with a log out pledge

  • Help with the organization, transparency and improvement of the enterprise’s image.

Comparative table between C.R and Bank financing

  Capital Risk Bank

Small Businesses – Industrial Small Businesses

All Enterprises

Age of entreprise
  1. Creation
  2. Development
  3. Maturity

Development mostly

Intervention Nature

- proper funds
- counsels

Loans mostly

Intervention Duration

Average term

Short / Average term

Decision Elements

- Quality of managers
- Dual Product / Market
- Most-worth outlook

- Financial capacities to reimburse
- Cautions guarantee

Logique financière

- Logic of Investor-most-worth


Financial logic


Often punctual

Attitude regarding the enterprise

 More and more active